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Ready To Sell Your Home In A Month. Is Your Home Ready?

Are you thinking about selling your home? Have you thought about prepping the home to sell? Let me share some easy and affordable tips to sell your home. Check out my new video of 611 & 661 Twining Flats Road. This is a perfect example of how a home should look to sell!

  1. Price it right: A new listing will be the busiest in the first thirty days. If the price is too high, you'll miss opportunities. You've gotta get buyers in the door to sell your home. Find an agent who studies the market everyday and get the price right from the start! "Time is acid for a listing," says Greg Hague and I agree! Love his 29 day Sales Strategy or what I call the London approach to reaching out to the top brokers and your broker's sphere of influence before it even hits MLS - to let them know about a brand new listing that hasn't even hit he market. 
  2. Start Outside: First impressions last forever. A property that has bad curb appeal will have a bad rap. No one likes that! Clean up the front yard, paint the fence, plant new flowers, mow the lawn, clear the path from the driveway to the front door. Agassi was right, "Image is everything" when it come to selling your home. 
  3. Declutter and Deep Clean: A cluttered home doesn't feel welcoming. Buyers wants to feel comfortable in a home they might be purchasing. It is not as hard as it sounds. Here are some tips. Clear all countertops in the kitchen & bathrooms. No one wants to see prescriptions, a messy pile of books, or anything that distracts the eye from the home itself. Start with one room and slowly the home will be decluttered and clean! Don't be afraid to purge. You're going to have to deal with it when you sell the home anyway, so do it before and your home will look even better and sell sooner. 
  4. Depersonalize: Family photos and toys should be put away. The home should be staged to sell. A personalized home isn't always appealing. You want buyers to see themselves in your home, not the other way around. 
  5. Focus on Functionality: Do your appliances look like they have seen better days? Are your electric, plumbing and structural components up to municipal code? Not sure, then have an inspection. This way you know what you need to have done and this will make it easier to sell the home faster. If your appliances are in perfect condition, but look dated. It might be a good idea to invest in a new stove or refrigerator. 
  6. High Resolution Professional Photos & Video: Hire a broker who uses a professional photographer & videographer. If the photos don't show off the property what is the point. Great photos and now videos can help easily sell your property on the internet, social media and print ads. Photos should be taken after the home is prepped. 
  7. Living Aspen: Show off not only the property, but the shops, activities and beauty of the town or city. Check out my new video of 611 & 661 Twining Flats Road, this is perfect example of how to incorporate the lifestyle into the property video. Buyers are not only interested in the home, but also the activities, museums, shops and much more. Showcase the lifestyle. Show off everything the town and neighborhood or area has to offer! 
  8. Remove Pets: Most people loves pets, but not everyone. Pets should not be in the home when showings and open houses are scheduled.
  9. Showings: Make it easy to show the home. Try to be flexible with showing requests. The easier it is to show, the easier it is to sell. 
  10. Walk-Through: Invite one of your friends over to do a practice walk-though of the home. Maybe there is another way to declutter, depersonalize, and clean the home. 

Now you are ready to sell your home in thirty days. Have fun!

Chris Klug


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