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I am an expert on the Roaring Fork Valley residential market. I have lived in Aspen and now Snowmass Village most all of my life. I also have the unique perspective of having traveled the world on my snowboard visiting many of the top ski resorts. I am passionate about Living Aspen Snowmass; I believe there is no better place! I study the market every day; this is not a hobby for me. My work ethic, local knowledge, integrity and honesty, and commitment to my clients are of utmost importance to me. I bring to my real estate clients the same positive attitude, determination and dedication that made me an Olympic Champion, and a 20-year liver transplant survivor. My comprehensive digital and print marketing strategy including the most expansive social media platform in the local brokerage community, combined with Sotheby’s global reach delivers proven results! Thank you to our clients and friends for helping us sell $206 million in 2020, and again finishing as one of Aspen’s top brokers in the valley.

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Chris Klug and his team have cultivated the most expansive social media reach in the local brokerage community by sharing the true Aspen Lifestyle and all news related to the Aspen Snowmass Real Estate Market. Follow Chris Klug to stay up-to-date on everything that’s happening in the upper Roaring Fork Valley and Living Aspen! 

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