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Home Improvement Ideas During Quarantine by Emilee Kelloff

With more and more days spent at home, there is no better time to tackle that list of home improvement projects you’ve wanted to complete for years. But where should you start? How can you get everything done while under a stay at home order? We’ve put together a list of home improvement projects you can tackle without leaving your house. 


4 Ways To Freshen Up Your Curb Appeal

     1. Clean Up Any Landscaping or Lawns

The best way to start any improvements is to create a clean slate. Start by mowing any lawn areas you may have. Trim down any bushes or shrubs. Tackle those annoying weeds. We’ve created a Pinterest board to help get you started as well as rounded up some local stores that can help get your outdoor space ready for Spring.


     2. Add Bright Flowers and Plants 

Adding color with bright flowers and plants is one of the most obvious ways to elevate your curb appeal. Yet, finding the right flowers to plant, where to plant and how to take care of your garden can be hard to figure out. Especially when talking with a specialist is not possible. Many local nurseries and garden centers are offering over the phone consultations and even guided, personal tours of their centers to help people get started on their Spring gardening. We’ve rounded up what the experts are saying is the best to plant for Colorado gardens. 

     3. Paint Your Front Door a Bright Color

Another great way to draw eyes to the front of your house is to add some new paint. A fresh paint job adds some interest to the front of the house without having to spend too much money or take much time. Take a look at what design experts are saying about adding color to the front of your house. 


     4. DIY Outdoor Furniture and Decor

With a little extra time on your hands, the sun shining and the urge to try something new, you might feel inspired to revamp your outdoor space with some DIY projects. We felt the same way. Adding DIY projects to your outdoor areas is a great way to add some functionality and some personal touches. Check out our favorite DIY project inspirations as well some places that can help get you started! 


4 Ways to Give the Inside of Your Home a Facelift


     1. New Paint or Wallpaper 

Much like your front door, the inside of your home might need a refresh. Adding new paint or some unexpected wallpaper might just do the trick. Accent walls and fun powder rooms are a great way to add some interest to your home without taking over the whole space. Take a look at our favorite places to get inspiration and the best colors! 


     2. New Hardware

Whether it’s a bathroom that feels tired or a kitchen that needs some extra shine, adding new hardware is an easy way to make these spaces feel like new. From trendy gold or brass hardware to sleek and classic silver, new hardware can go a long way in giving your home a facelift. These are our favorites places to find the perfect hardware for any space!


     3. Rethink Furniture Arrangements

Adding new life to any space can be tricky, but rethinking how the space is laid out is an easy way to do just that without spending a dime! From small spaces to big, furniture layout is vital to insure your space functions properly. Take a look at how the experts are making the most of every space. 


     4. Channel Your Inner Organization Blogger

Spending more time inside your home can easily turn into noticing all the clutter and disorganized spaces you’ve overlooked for years. Tackling that kitchen junk drawer or your overstuffed closet can be a daunting task. That’s where we bring in the professionals. From utilizing bins and organizers to prioritizing only the things that serve you, organizing your home can be fun and easy! Take a look at what the experts suggest:

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